Academy of Law and Public Safety

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Mr. Joseph Diver, Principal

Mrs. Jenna Sauer, School Counselor

255 West End Avenue 
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Phone: 732-229-2446

Due to inclement weather that caused MCVSD to close, school will be OPEN May 25, June 18, June 19, and June 20. Please adjust your calendar.

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Monmouth County Police Academy on June 20, 2018 at 3PM.  All ALPS students will be dismissed from school at 12:30PM.

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Recently, students at the Academy of Law and Public Safety were joined by detectives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office to take a seat in the barber’s chair to shave their heads in support of Mia Sidorakis – the daughter of a detective here.
Two-year-old Mia Sidorakis is currently undergoing chemotherapy as she fights a rare form of brain cancer at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Mia’s dad, David Sidorakis, is a detective at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO). Students from the Academy of Law and Public Safety (ALPS) focused their annual charitable giving on raising money to help the family cope with rising medical bills and the costs associated with living closer to the hospital than living at home.
“We guide our students at the Academy of Law and Public Safety through a community service project and fundraiser for cancer awareness every November,” explained ALPS Teacher Capt. Scott McDonald, who is a retired from the Tinton Falls Police Department. “The students chose Mia Sidorakis as this year’s recipient of all the monies donated.”
This year’s fundraising efforts included the largest student participation to-date.
“The 2017 fundraising effort had the largest student participation as of yet,” explained ALPS Teacher Capt. Thomas Powers, who is retired from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. “One student raised over $7,000 while another student raised over $1,000.  Several students raised over $200. They all did a tremendous job to help little Mia.”
Several students, along with a number of MCPO detectives, shaved their heads to support the cause. Other local community groups also came in to support Mia and her family with large donations from Hesse Construction, George Wall Ford in Tinton Falls, and the Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelaghs of Belmar. ALPS staff members donated as well bringing the total money raised for Mia and her family to $12,200 – the largest amount of money raised in the 5-year history of the school’s No Shave November campaign.

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ABR Grade Report: 

Academy of Law and Public Safety (52)
Monmouth County Vocational School District (64)  


The Law Enforcement curriculum is designed to prepare high school students for careers in the field of criminal justice.  Students are challenged to achieve in an integrated curriculum environment that is carried out by a team of math, science, English, history, physical education and three law enforcement teachers.  The complete program is two years in length, enrolling juniors and seniors in high school.

Field experiences and work-based learning provide student experiences in various law enforcement settings throughout the county.  Forensic science, chemistry and statistics are taught through “hands-on” planned projects.  Project studies include: identifying fingerprints, hair and fiber analysis, handwriting analysis, and soil analysis

Career Pathways

  • Occupational
  • Municipal / City police officer
  • County sheriff officer / park ranger
  • County / State corrections officer
  • State trooper
  • Probation / Parole officer
  • Federal law enforcement officer
  • Private security

Program Skills And Tasks

  • Complete a traffic summons
  • Complete police reports
  • Complete a search warrant affidavit
  • Conduct proper traffic stops
  • Perform proper search & seizure procedures
  • Properly secure & investigate a crime scene
  • Perform basic first aid procedures
  • Administer CPR/AED: American Heart Association
  • Perform proper radio communications
  • Properly diffuse an escalated incident
  • Recognize NJ criminal & traffic laws
  • Demonstrate proper public speaking skills

Important Qualitites

Detail oriented. Law enforcement officers must follow specific policies and procedures when carrying out their daily duties.

Interpersonal skills. Law enforcement officers must work closely with co-workers, victims, and the community. Sometimes victims and suspects are highly stressed, and the law enforcement officer must be sensitive to their emotions, as well as de-escalating incidents.

Listening skills. Law enforcement officers must have good listening skills. They need to follow orders and directions from superior officers. They need to listen to people and conduct tasks such as a crime scene investigation.

Organizational skills. Law enforcement officers must have excellent organizational skills. They should have the paperwork in place for
investigations and court.

ALPS Admissions Prerequisites
Algebra I/Geometry
Two years of History (World and US History 1)
At least one year of World Language
At least one year of Lab Science
Two years of English
Two years of Physical Education/Health
Visual and Performing Arts Requirement 

ALPS High School Credits Earned 

Junior Year
Law Enforcement 1 15 credits
English 11 5 credits
Math 11 5 credits
History 11 5 credits
Lab Science 11 5 credits
PE & Health 11 5 credits
TOTAL: 40 credits
Senior Year
Law Enforcement 2 15 credits
English 12 5 credits
Math 12 5 credits
History 12 5 credits
Lab Science 12 5 credits
PE & Health 12 5 credits
TOTAL: 40 credits

College Credits Earned

Farleigh Dickinson University:
CRIM 1101 3 credits
PADM 4560 3 credits
CRIM 1108 3 credits
TOTAL COLLEGE: 9 credits
Brookdale Community College*:
English Com: The Writing Process^ 3 credits
Statistics^ 4 credits
US History^ 6 credits
Anatomy ^ 4 credits


17 credits

^ Must fulfill dual enrollment requirements

Continuing Education

Brookdale Community College
Farleigh Dickinson University
Monmouth University
Rutgers University
Montclair State University
Penn State University

Certificates Upon Graduation

First Aid/CPR/AED

Additional Information

Skills USA membership and competitions

Uniform requirements: Black polo shirt or non-hooded sweatshirt, tan trousers, black belt, and black sneakers

Structured learning opportunities are available, pending instructor recommendation